Dog Tags F.A.Q.

Do you ship overseas?
DogTagMan no longer offers the option for international shipping. We apologise for this inconvenience to those who are affected however due to ever increasing costs at Australia post, it is no longer viable to offer this service.

How much do they cost?
DogTagMan offers two types of tag sets. The 2 Tag set costs $19.95 personalised with your details, or the single tag set for $14.95. Post cost is extra and we offer 2 options. $6.50 registered P&H or $10 Express Post.

Can I order just 1 set of Dog Tags?
Of course! You can order as many sets as you wish and we have the capacity to make 1 - 1000 sets using the same machines the US Military use. Obviously for bulk orders we will happily offer you a better deal on the price as well!

Can you advise how shipping works?
Please see our Shipping Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

How do you pack my Dog Tags? I've bought things before that have arrived damaged!
Each Dog Tag set is individually packed in a small plastic bag then placed into a quality padded envelope before sending. We charge a little extra than some of our competitors but first of all we want to make sure our goods get to you and secondly get to you in the best condition possible!

What are silencers?
The silencer is the silicone ring that sits around the edge of each of the tags to stop them rattling. These can be removed or replaced quickly and easily if you prefer not to use them. They are a round shape before they are stretched to fit over the standard military Dog Tag.

What colour silencer do the US army use?
Silencers are not genuine military issue. They are an after market accessory which can be purchased by military personnel. Black is normally chosen but we offer 29 different colours.

What colour tags are available?
We offer in 4 finishes. Matt Stainless steel(what the military use), High Polish Stainless steel(ideal for bling), black(used if your into Specials Ops), or Brass if you prefer the aged look.

How thick and heavy are these Dog Tags?
Each Dog Tag weighs approximately 3 grams. The thickness is approximately .5mm thick. These tags are designed for military purposes and are not a jewellery item. If you are wanting a heavy silver tag then we suggest you visit your jeweller.

Should I put my Blood type on the tags?
You can put what ever you wish on the tags but unless you are military personnel, Hospitals will take no notice in the case of an emergency. You will be treated as any other normal patient and the necessary precautions will be taken.

How long will my Dog Tag last?
WE offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the DogTagMan stainless tags, However this GUARANTEE is VOID if you try to cut the tag in half or hit the tag flat with a hammer! :)

What does "embossed text" mean
Embossing is the method of how your text is permanently formed on your tags. It will have the same look as your name on your credit card with raised lettering. Debossed is the method that the US Army used prior to switching to the improved method of embossing.

How do I pay for my set of Dog Tags?
DogTagMan only accepts payment using a credit card via Paypal. We only use this method so as to protect our customers details using the most secure online payment method available. No payment information is stored on DogTagMan's server at any time.

When I look at my order on the shopping cart the text layout is different to how it looks on the tags. Why is this?
Your tags will be made as it looks on the tag generator. The text you enter is saved to our database and then we make your tags using your layout. The shopping cart information is just to show what you have ordered and the cost before you make the decision to buy.

Do you offer any special deals if I want to buy a large quantity of tag sets?
Please contact us via the email on our Contact page and we happily provide you with a competitive quote. Our machines can make any quantity up to 1000 tags within a few days.

How long does it take for my set of Dog Tags to be made?
We operate normal business hours Mon-Fri and depending on how busy we are we can generally make and send within 24 hours! Special occasions like Father's Day and Christmas, tags may take a little longer due to the high volumes we have to make. If there are any delays we will notify you.

Whats the expected delivery time?
We use Australia Post and once deposited in their Post Boxes we are at their mercy! Normally Registered mail will take anywhere from 4-7 days depending on your location. Express Post is generally overnight if you are based in Adelaide as we are or generally 2 days to most capital cities(as per Australia Post conditions).

Can we track our order?
Yes once we have made and sent your order, you will receive an email from us confirming we have posted. In that email you will be given a tracking number and the website where you can track your order. In our experience, Australia Post do not update their tracking website as regularly as we would like therefore you may find that your order reaches you before it is updated on their website. Please Note: If your order goes missing in the Post there can be a delay depending on Australia Post's investigation. This delay is totally out of our control and has only happened in a few instances over the past 10 years we have been making ID Tags online.


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